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templog::incremental_write_policy_base< WritePolicy_, Endl_ > Class Template Reference

#include <logging.h>

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templog::write_policy_base< WritePolicy_, Endl_, true > List of all members.

Detailed Description

template<class WritePolicy_, bool Endl_>
class templog::incremental_write_policy_base< WritePolicy_, Endl_ >

incremental write policy base class

Derive from this class to create your own incremental write policy. Pass your derived class' type as the first template parameter, and a boolean indicating whether you need a '
' character appended to the end of each log message as the second.

Your derived class needs to implement the meta function template< int Sev_, int Aud_ > struct writes { enum { result = true }; }; which determines whether any given log message is filtered at compile-time, the static function static bool is_writing(int Sev, int Aud); which determines whether a given log message is filtered at run-time, and the following three functions static void begin_write(); template< typename T > static void write_obj(const T& obj); static void end_write(); which are called at the beginning of the output of a log message, for each objects to be written, and at the end of a log message, respectively.

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Definition at line 599 of file logging.h.

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